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Establishing a Search and Seizure of a Person

When it comes to search and seizures that are conducted by governmental authorities, it must be established, first and foremost, that the government’s intrusion is, in fact, a search. A search exists when an intrusion occurs and two conditions are … Continue reading

White Collar Crime: Fraud Offenses

If you are charged with a white collar crime such as fraud, a primary concern will be your ability to resume your normal life as quickly as possible. If you have a good job and substantial ties to the community, … Continue reading

Release Conditions: Searches and Psychiatric Evaluations

In some jurisdictions, a condition of your release may include a requirement that you consent to random body searches and searches of your house with or without a warrant. However, a skilled South King criminal lawyer will have a full … Continue reading

Should I Accept Pre-trial Diversion?

Prosecutors sometimes offer pre-trial diversion to defendants charged with minor crimes. Under most pre-trial diversion programs, the prosecution will drop the case against you and remove the charge from your record if you agree to postpone the case for a … Continue reading

The Defendant’s Initial Court Appearance

The first appearance in court of a person charged with a criminal offense is different from the “arraignment,” which takes place some time later. The arraignment is where the defendant formally enters a plea to the charges. At this point, … Continue reading

Preliminary Hearing Goals

Even though the defense’s presentation might fail to convince a judge to dismiss the case, he or she may be convinced to reduce bail if the case’s weaknesses are sufficiently demonstrated. In order to show the weaknesses of your case, … Continue reading

Attacking Confessions That Are Not Noted

There are times when an officer will testify to a confession or a particularly unflattering admission that does not show up in any of his or her notes or reports. If this occurs, your South King County criminal defense attorney … Continue reading

How to Attack a Search Warrant

In order for a law enforcement officer to get a search warrant, he or she must ask for the right to search a place and seize an item as evidence of a crime or contraband by either submitting a written … Continue reading

Expectation of Privacy: Standing

In general, defendants do not have the right to dispute the search and admission of evidence merely because the search revealed evidence that the prosecution plans to use against them. Prior to a court allowing a suppression hearing to go … Continue reading

The Role of Your South King County Criminal Attorney at Your Bail Hearing

Your South King County criminal attorney will try to get bail for as low as possible. The amount of your bail, as well as whether you can be bailed out at all, depends upon factors in your case. It is … Continue reading