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Jail versus Bail

Preparing your defense in a criminal case is much easier if you’re not in jail. Thus, your South King County criminal attorney’s first priority is to get you out of jail. Not only would you regain your freedom, but you … Continue reading

Issues that Affect Immunity in Plea Negotiations

In certain instances, you are protected from further prosecution for things you say in plea negotiations. The Federal Rules of Evidence and state laws are designed to protect you. However, before you enter into any negotiations with prosecutors you need … Continue reading

How Not to Waive Right to Counsel

The U.S. Supreme Court recently held that the Miranda warnings adequately let a defendant know of his or her constitutional right to counsel. Once the police have warned a defendant, a defendant can waive the right and speak to the … Continue reading

Preliminary hearing objectives

Attainable goals when a case supports them A well prepared South King County criminal defense attorney can help a client by arguing that there’s insufficient evidence to prove that the client committed the alleged crime and that it would be … Continue reading

When You May Want to Testify Before a Grand Jury

Most South King County criminal defense attorneys believe it is not wise for an accused person to testify before a grand jury. However, there are circumstances when that may be in your best interests, depending on your lawyer’s advice. Certain … Continue reading

Confessions: Working to Have them Suppressed

In reality, the most damaging piece of evidence against a defendant is a confession. When defendants choose to confess or make unflattering admissions, they will more than likely be asked to enter a plea of guilty or he or she … Continue reading

Criminal Trials: Dress to Impress

Defendants who are taking part in a criminal trial are always being watched by the jury, regardless of whether or not they are on the stand.  While at trial, the jury is typically watching (and judging) a defendant’s actions and … Continue reading

Relevant Factors in Determining the Amount of Bail

If you or a loved one has been arrested and is being held in custody, you may be able to get that person freed until trial by posting bail. It is in your best interest to hire an experienced South … Continue reading

Wrongful Convictions

As DNA testing keeps helping to free many wrongfully convicted people, new voices are joining the debate about the various problems tied to faulty witness identifications. No one should have to spend decades, or even a few years, locked up … Continue reading