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Awaiting the Conclusion of the Criminal Case before the Civil Proceeding

King County Criminal Defense Attorney Plaintiffs often wait until after the criminal case has concluded before proceeding with a civil lawsuit. In doing so, the plaintiff will attempt to exploit the conviction by claiming that the civil case is similar … Continue reading

The Consequences of Plea Bargains on Immigration

South King County Defense Lawyer When considering the effects of criminal convictions on immigration statuses, it is important to keep in mind that the distinction between U.S. citizens and others is a crucial one, because a U.S. citizen cannot be … Continue reading

Complying with the Document Subpoena

South King County Defense Attorney If you believe that you will be subpoenaed for certain documents, there are certain actions that you need to take in order to prevent a criminal obstruction of justice and further criminal problems. Your South … Continue reading

When the Police Coerce Information

If you are arrested on a criminal charge, you will likely be very anxious, even fearful. Interrogating officers sometimes take undue advantage of this through various methods that constitute coercion. A red flag should be raised for your South King … Continue reading

Guidelines: Fourth Amendment Privacy Rights

When private parties are involved, the goods found during searches can often be used against an accused party – even if the intrusions were unreasonable. As your South King County criminal defense lawyer will tell you, when private parties and … Continue reading

Bail and Conditions for White Collar Crime Charges

It is always easier to fight a criminal charge from outside than inside a jail cell. If you face non-violent charges, such as fraudulent check writing, you should not have too much difficulty getting released, maybe even without posting bail. … Continue reading

The Importance of Being Released From Custody

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, it’s important for you to be released from custody. Your release is also important to your South King County criminal defense lawyer for strategic reasons. Logistically, being in a jail … Continue reading

Challenging the walk-the-line test

Just about everyone – even people who have never been pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving – knows what the “walk the line” field sobriety test is. On its face, the test is straightforward: walk on a line. Police … Continue reading

Attacking the claim of an “odor of alcohol” at the time of your arrest

In many DUI cases, the arresting officer will note an “odor of alcohol” at the time of the defendant’s arrest. As an experienced King County DUI lawyer, I can help the jury understand that the odor of alcohol really doesn’t … Continue reading

What are some of the obstacles facing the defendant in a King County DUI trial?

As an experienced King County DUI lawyer, I know that in every drunk-driving case, the defendant starts from a negative position. Simply put, the average juror does not sympathize with or like the person accused of driving under the influence … Continue reading