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Experienced Pierce County DUI Lawyers Don’t Make Promises to the Jury

Your Pierce County DUI lawyer’s credibility is critical to the success of your case. If your DUI lawyer breaks a promise, the jurors’ trust in your lawyer will be significantly diminished, if not completely destroyed. If the jurors think your … Continue reading

Jurors to Avoid in Pierce County DUI Cases (Part 2)

This post is the second in a two-part series that discusses biased jurors that you definitely don’t want on your DUI jury. While every DUI case depends on its facts, and every potential juror is unique, your Pierce County DUI … Continue reading

Jurors to Avoid in Pierce County DUI Cases (Part 1)

This post is the first in a two-part series that discusses biases that you definitely don’t want your Pierce County DUI jurors to have. It’s true that every DUI case is one of a kind, and each potential juror is … Continue reading

How do gender and physical impairments affect alcohol absorption? Pierce County DUI lawyer, South King County criminal attorney , explains.

Two factors over which you have no (or very little) control affect the rate of alcohol consumption: your gender and your physical health – particularly the health of your stomach. I explain these factors to my Pierce County DUI clients … Continue reading

Unreliable Field Sobriety Tests? A Pierce County DUI lawyer explains

Elevated alcohol levels can cause a driver to be physically or mentally impaired, and negatively affect his ability to drive safely. However, non-chemical field sobriety tests cannot always assess alcohol impairment in a reliable manner. An experienced Pierce County DUI … Continue reading

How Can a King County DUI attorney fight the results of a field sobriety test?

Your defense might benefit from the expertise of a King County DUI lawyer, especially if you need to challenge the field sobriety test performed during your traffic stop. One strategy may be to highlight the unreliability in DUI standardized tests. … Continue reading

Pierce County DUI attorney explains the correct method for administering the one-leg-stand test

If you were arrested for DUI on the basis of your performance on the one-leg stand test, an experienced Pierce County DUI attorney may be able to raise a persuasive challenge to those test results. If you understand the procedures … Continue reading

King County DUI lawyer discusses the one-leg stand test

During your traffic stop, police may have asked you to perform the one-leg stand test as an assessment of intoxication or impairment. Although officers commonly use this type of test, an experienced King County DUI lawyer might find various reasons … Continue reading

Field sobriety tests in Pierce County DUI cases – a brief history

Drivers in Pierce County should learn about the field sobriety tests given by police during traffic stops. The results of these field exercises often become evidence in DUI cases, but a smart Pierce County DUI attorney may be able to … Continue reading