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Impeachment by Witness and Cross Examination During Trial

Using Inconsistency to Impeach an Adverse Witness Prosecutors will almost certainly call witnesses to testify against you in a domestic violence case. It is important that your South King County criminal attorney call into question such testimony, if possible. One … Continue reading

Essentials of Opening Statement in Jurisdiction by Criminal lawyers King County

Your King County Criminal Lawyer’s Opening Statement The opening statement in your domestic violence case is essentially a preview of the case to come. An effective opening statement is important for setting the proper tone and humanizing you, the defendant, … Continue reading

Choosing the Best Option Between Bench Trial and Jury Trial in King County Criminal Case

Which Is Better for You—a Bench Trial or Jury Trial? You have a constitutional right to a trial by jury, but this is not always your best option. A bench trial may be worth your consideration. Your South King County … Continue reading

Ask a King County Defense Attorney about Testifying at Your DUI Trial

Whether or not you testify at your DUI trial isn’t a decision to be made lightly and it’s one that’s best made with guidance from your King County defense attorney. There are pros and cons to taking the stand, and … Continue reading

How Plea Bargain can Affect the Basis of Jurisdiction in King County

Is a Plea Bargain Right for You? When a defendant agrees to a plea bargain, he/she is accepting a plea of guilty, and this can have significant and permanent ramifications. If the prosecutor offers you a plea bargain, your King … Continue reading

Should I testify at my DUI trial? A Pierce County DUI attorney weighs in

To testify or not to testify—contrary to what it might look like on TV shows, the decision to testify is yours alone, a privilege granted by constitutional right. However, you should make this decision knowing all the possible ramifications and … Continue reading

Preparing a “Rising Blood Alcohol” Defense with your Pierce County DUI Attorney

  Science, particularly biology, can be on your side in a DUI trial, if you and your Pierce County DUI attorney can make a case for a “rising blood alcohol” defense. In an “on the rise” defense, your attorney will … Continue reading

Prepare Yourself or Take Help of Pierce County lawyer While DUI

Post-DUI instructions from a Pierce County DUI lawyer You’ve just been released from jail, and you’re relieved, but you also know you’ve got a fight ahead of you if you’re going to beat this charge. If you speak to an … Continue reading

Evaluation of How Food and Alcohol Consumption Affects Body and Mind

Pierce County DUI lawyer explains how food affects alcohol absorption In my work as a Pierce County DUI lawyer, I have developed a strong working knowledge of the complex chemistry of alcohol absorption, distribution, and elimination. A number of genetic … Continue reading

Pre-Sentence Investigation and Waiving the Report King County Criminal Defense lawyer

Waiving the Pre-Sentence Investigative Report In many cases a delay between conviction and sentencing will occur; during this time court officers will conduct a pre-sentence investigative report, the contents of which will help the judge determine an appropriate sentence. If … Continue reading