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How DUI Jury Selection Works

Jury selection is the stage in the trial process during which your King County DUI attorney will ask questions to prospective jurors in order to eliminate any who cannot be fair and impartial in your case. Your attorney’s goal is … Continue reading

Assembling an Unbiased Jury

When interviewing prospective jurors for a DUI trial, an accomplished King County DUI attorney will try to determine whether a jury candidate would be biased against a defendant on trial for driving under the influence.  To obtain a clear idea … Continue reading

Treading Lightly During Voir Dire

Voir dire, the practice where attorneys question potential jurors before trial, is an important and delicate process.  An expert King County DUI attorney will tread lightly during voir dire, as jurors may be offended and unforthcoming if they feel harassed. … Continue reading

The Art and Importance of Jury Selection

Before a trial commences, a seasoned King County DUI lawyer has an important job to complete: selecting jurors fitting for the trial, a process known as voir dire. To do this, a DUI lawyer must strategically plan his or her … Continue reading

Opening Statement Strategies

Although opening statements are not part of evidence in the courtroom, a refined King County DUI lawyer understands the importance of utilizing a trial’s opening statement to establish credibility among the jury.  You may be wondering: how will a DUI … Continue reading

How to Utilize Cross-Examination

Similar to a dart thrower carefully planning his toss to achieve a bulls-eye, a practiced King County DUI lawyer performs his or her defense strategy consistently throughout trial. This consistency is particularly apparent in cross-examination, when a skilled DUI attorney … Continue reading

Limits of the Law

Laws are made to protect communities and individuals from harm, but any knowledgeable King County DUI attorney can explain that sometimes laws become harmful to the people they are made to protect. That is why the Supreme Court has successfully … Continue reading

Domestic Violence: An Overview of the Washington State Statutes

Washington State law broadly defines domestic violence as any criminal act committed by one member of a household against another. Being charged with domestic violence can significantly impact all aspects of your life. If you believe you were wrongfully charged, … Continue reading

Domestic Violence Penalties

It is very common to be wrongfully accused of domestic violence in Washington State. There is no need for the victim to show any physical evidence of a domestic violence crime in order to have an individual arrested for alleged … Continue reading

Domestic Violence: Protective Orders

A victim of a domestic violence crime can seek a protective order against the alleged abuser to prevent any further contact. Protective orders can severely impact the life and freedom of the individual subject to the order. If a protective … Continue reading