The Art and Importance of Jury Selection

Before a trial commences, a seasoned King County DUI lawyer has an important job to complete: selecting jurors fitting for the trial, a process known as voir dire. To do this, a DUI lawyer must strategically plan his or her approach to jury selection.

Case Example

King County DUI lawyer

  • A defendant will stand trial for driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • The night of his arrest, the defendant refused to complete several field sobriety tests requested by law enforcement officers.
  • The defendant’s DUI attorney cannot exclude the test refusal from trial evidence.
  • Therefore, the defense lawyer would like to ensure that only jurors who would remain unprejudiced by his client’s actions participate in the trial.

Selection Strategy and Its Purpose

  • The King County DUI lawyer will most likely avoid posing broad, open-ended questions to the entire jury pool.
  • Instead, a skilled DUI attorney would describe the defendant’s legal charges and then pose specific questions to each potential juror, such as: “Mr. Smith, could you describe a situation to me where you would find it reasonable for someone to decline to complete field sobriety tests?”
  • The defense attorney would most likely present this query to several jurors in order to establish the precedent that it would be reasonable for an individual to refuse a field sobriety examination.
  • Later, the jurors may disregard any witness who disagrees that a reasonable person might decline a field sobriety test, as this witness would conflict with the jury’s predetermined conclusion.

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