Assembling an Unbiased Jury

When interviewing prospective jurors for a DUI trial, an accomplished King County DUI attorney will try to determine whether a jury candidate would be biased against a defendant on trial for driving under the influence.  To obtain a clear idea regarding jurors’ opinions about alcohol consumption, a DUI lawyer will most likely ask questions about personal alcohol ownership, typical consumption habits, and drinking and driving.

Personal Alcohol Ownership

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  • A typical query posed to potential jurors is whether or not they personally store alcohol in their homes.
  • If the juror responds affirmatively, then the attorney will probably ask him or her to further clarify the ownership, including the types and amounts of alcohol, where it is located in the household, etc.
  • If the juror answers negatively, then the interrogating lawyer may ask him or her to explain why he or she chooses not to purchase alcohol for personal consumption.
  • These follow-up questions could determine that a juror has a strong negative opinion toward alcohol, and may therefore be biased against a defendant on trial for DUI.

Serving Alcohol

  • Notwithstanding a juror’s opinions regarding alcohol ownership, a thorough King County DUI attorney may also examine jury candidates on the subject of serving alcohol.
  • For instance, the lawyer may ask if the juror serves alcohol to others in his or her home (such as for sports events or parties) or outside of the home (perhaps at a family member’s wedding).
  • If a juror states that he regularly serves alcohol to guests, then the interrogating attorney can naturally introduce drinking and driving to the line of questioning.

Drinking and Driving

  • If a juror states that he served alcohol at his eldest son’s wedding, for example, the DUI attorney can ask if that juror allowed the wedding guests to drive themselves home afterwards, and if he thought they drove safely.
  • This line of questioning can uncover a juror’s true opinion on drinking and driving.

All in all, it is a skilled King County DUI attorney’s job to ascertain the jury’s opinion regarding alcohol in order to provide the defendant an unbiased trial.  If you need help preparing for a DUI trial before a jury of your peers, call the law office of South King County criminal attorney today at (253) 709-5050.

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