Attacking Confessions That Are Not Noted

There are times when an officer will testify to a confession or a particularly unflattering admission that does not show up in any of his or her notes or reports. If this occurs, your South King County criminal defense attorney should be sure to assertively attack such testimony in court in an effort to suggest that the police officer is mistaken or even lying.

To do this, your attorney should make several points at trial in an attempt to discredit the officer, including making particular note of the fact that the officer has since participated in numerous other arrests and investigations, many of which have involved similar facts and he is trained to write reports on such investigations in order to preserve evidence. The attorney should also note that officers typically rely on those reports and notes in order to remember what happened in an investigation that occurred a while ago.

If, however, the cross-examination of the officer proves to be productive, your attorney’s argument can then point out that, clearly, the officer thought so little about the case that he did not even bother to write down the defendant’s own words (or at least that is what he claims); thus, the jury should not put any weight on his testimony.

Your attorney could also argue that the prosecution’s entire case is compromised because if the prosecutor had such a strong case in the first place, there would be no reason for him to rely on an alleged confession that never even came up until halfway through the trial. If you need a South King County criminal defense attorney, please call South King County criminal attorney for a free consultation.

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