Criminal Trials: Dress to Impress

Defendants who are taking part in a criminal trial are always being watched by the jury, regardless of whether or not they are on the stand.  While at trial, the jury is typically watching (and judging) a defendant’s actions and overall demeanor while he or she is sitting at the table with his or her South King County criminal lawyer. One thing is for sure–if the defendant is not dressed in an appropriate manner, the jurors will probably be quick to jump to a negative or wrong conclusion about the defendant.

There are a few things that defendants should remember when it comes to proper attire for the courtroom environment.  First, if the defendant is a more mature man, he should wear a dark suit (if possible); however, a light brown or blue suit may also be acceptable in warmer climates. In the case of younger male defendants (generally those who look to be under the age of 30), it would be appropriate for them to wear a sweater (depending on the climate) and pants with a belt–but no jeans.

Female criminal defendants must either wear a dress, a skirt or pair of slacks with a blouse or sweater, or a suit. Moreover, a female defendant’s clothing should never show cleavage or a bare back, midriff or shoulders. Additionally, if the criminal defendant has tattoos and body piercings, his or her clothing should cover all of them. Only ear piercings should be seen, and only one pair of small earrings should be worn. If you need a South King County criminal lawyer, please call South King County criminal attorney for a free consultation.

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