Domestic Violence Treatment Programs

Any individual who is convicted of a domestic violence related offense is mandated by Washington State law to attend a treatment program that is at least one year in duration. Your King County domestic violence attorney can provide you with additional details regarding the available programs.

The state legislature designed treatment programs to end the cycle of violent and abusive behavior and promote personal accountability for an individual’s own actions associated with a domestic violence related offense. In order for the program to be valid and accepted by the courts, it must be state-certified and meet certain requirements.

How The Treatment Programs WorkKing County domestic violence attorney

State-certified domestic violence treatment programs are generally readily available in most communities. Your King County domestic violence attorney can provide you with a list of the programs that are local to you.

Once you have chosen a local treatment program, you will need to commit to weekly attendance for the first six months and then a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule for the remaining six months. Some programs even offer evening or weekend options for individuals who are working during the day.

A major requirement to successfully completing a domestic treatment program is for you not to have contact with the victim and refrain from using or possessing any firearms. Once the program is successfully completed, the charges will be dismissed. However, if you fail to meet the requirements of the program, you will be charged accordingly.

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