How DUI Jury Selection Works

Jury selection is the stage in the trial process during which your King County DUI attorney will ask questions to prospective jurors in order to eliminate any who cannot be fair and impartial in your case.

Your attorney’s goal is to get them to open up and be honest about their preconceptions; “yes” or “no” questions are not very good at this. Your attorney will ask open-ended questions that get the jurors to talk about themselves and their views openly. They may inadvertently reveal a bias against your case, which your attorney may use to get them excluded. Your lawyer will also have the opportunity to introduce your case to the jury and set up the theme of your defense.

General Fitness to Serve

King County DUI Attorney

One key category of jury selection questions is a juror’s general fitness to serve on a DUI case. A DUI juror is expected to listen to all the testimony and evidence presented and form an opinion based only on that. This is an example question that your King County DUI attorney might ask to get potential jurors to reveal how well they can perform that function on a jury:

Q: It is difficult for some people to listen carefully for a long period of time. If your mind is distracted or focused on something else, this can be more difficult. But in a jury trial we will expect you to listen to all of the testimony and not miss anything that happens in the courtroom. We know you probably lead busy lives, so we’d like to know if there is anything happening in your lives right now that might be a distraction for you.

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