Essentials of Opening Statement in Jurisdiction by Criminal lawyers King County

Your King County Criminal Lawyer’s Opening Statement

The opening statement in your domestic violence case is essentially a preview of the case to come. An effective opening statement is important for setting the proper tone and humanizing you, the defendant, as well. Your King County criminal lawyer will carefully prepare the opening statement to take full advantage of this opportunity to address jurors.

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Humanizing the Defendant

It is critical that jurors see you as a human being. You may be dismayed by the lengths prosecutors will go to demonize defendants. Your King County criminal lawyer knows this is likely, and will point out your good qualities. He will refer to you by name, and use an anecdote or two to show that you are pretty much like the jurors, themselves.


Arguing Your Case

While the opening statements is not intended to be the time for laying out your domestic violence case, in practice most lawyers will use this opportunity to do just that. Your lawyer will preview the evidence, and give a sense of the theme or your case.


Keeping It Short

Lawyers do not help their clients by droning on in the opening statement. Such an experience will likely cause jurors to lose focus, and can even give them a sense that your lawyer is not very confident.


Ending with Confidence

Your King County criminal lawyer should end the opening statement by stating confidently that the state’s evidence will not prove your guilt, and that the only fair verdict is one in favor of the defendant.

If you are facing domestic violence charges, hire a King County criminal lawyer who will fight for you. Call South King County criminal attorney today at (253) 709-5050.

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