Experienced Pierce County DUI Lawyers Don’t Make Promises to the Jury

Pierce County DUI Lawyer

The credibility of your Pierce County DUI lawyer is critical to the success of your case. If your DUI lawyer breaks a promise, the jurors’ trust in your lawyer will be significantly diminished, if not completely destroyed. If the jurors think your Pierce County DUI lawyer deliberately tried to mislead them, a guilty verdict is practically guaranteed.

Every trial is a balancing act. The lawyer’s opening statement must set the stage for the jurors about the evidence they will be presented with at trial. The DUI lawyer must carefully assess what evidence will actually come out in direct examination and cross-examination. Some lawyers may promise certain facts to the jury because they assume that certain evidence is likely to be developed during the trial. However, often due to circumstances beyond a lawyer’s control, an admission or cross-examination just doesn’t happen, or the judge just doesn’t allow certain testimony. The smart DUI lawyer will exercise caution before the jury when he or she is uncertain about the consequences.

As an experienced Pierce County DUI lawyer, I understand that trials are extremely unpredictable and I never take for granted that something in particular will happen. If you have been arrested for DUI, and you would like to discuss your upcoming trial or other legal options, please contact me.

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