Factors to consider in finding a good Pierce County DUI attorney

If you are facing a Pierce County DUI charge, you need to find an experienced and knowledgeable Pierce County DUI attorney to defend your rights. Some people think they can save money by representing themselves, but this is never advisable for myriad reasons, most of which have to do with your lack of legal experience. You may not, for example, recognize if you have a valid defense; you may not know how to negotiate a reasonable deal; and you could very well make a bad situation worse.

So how do you find a good Pierce County DUI attorney? You might start by making use of the Internet to pre-screen potential candidates. From the attorneys’ websites, you can learn basic information about his or her practice, years of experience, dedication to DUI cases, and awards or accomplishments. Narrow your list further by asking for referrals from other attorneys, or from trusted friends or family members. Finally schedule an in-person interview with your top few candidates.

In those interviews, you’ll be looking for an attorney you feel you can trust. Also, and equally important, you want to obtain all relevant fee information so you aren’t surprised later. Find out what the fee is; what it includes; whether it covers driver’s license hearings, trials, appeals, and/or post-conviction relief. Ask about additional fees if the charges are dismissed and then re-filed, and if there are other out-of-pocket expenses. Don’t stop asking questions until you are sure you know what your financial obligation is.

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