How to Find an “Ideal” Juror – Part 1

King County DUI Attorney

Overall, the best juror for a DUI defendant is someone who:

  • Drinks alcohol;
  • Drives; and
  • Is tolerant and nonjudgmental.

In your case, the ideal juror will have these traits and other traits that relate to your specific case theme. Your King County DUI attorney will build your defense around a case theme that focuses on the most favorable issues and facts in your case. Below, I have identified three common DUI defense themes and their effect on selecting jurors. Subsequent posts will discuss other themes and juror-related issues.

  • “Disconnect.” If your case theme is “disconnect,” your King County DUI attorney will emphasize the discrepancy between the results on your chemical tests and your functioning on the field sobriety tests. For this theme, your King County DUI attorney will want to choose cynics, specifically people who believe that equipment doesn’t always function properly or give accurate results. For example, an ideal juror would be someone who believes that a person knows when he or she is sick, no matter what a thermometer may show.
  • Breath Test Administered Incorrectly. If your case theme is that the officer incorrectly administered the breath test, your King County DUI attorney will choose jurors who believe it is important to adhere to precise rules and who haven no patience with carelessness, such as people with military or engineering backgrounds.
  • Rising Blood Alcohol. This defense is based on the idea that a chemical test administered long after a driver has stopped driving may indicate a higher blood alcohol level than when the driver was actually driving because the alcohol has been absorbed into the driver’s bloodstream. For this theme, your King County DUI attorney may select people who are ill or have recently had the flu. These people may be able to relate the variability of an illness with the ebb and flow of alcohol’s impact on a person’s body.
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