Why Hire a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney?

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you need to hire a domestic violence defense attorney to build you the best defense possible. The penalties and social stigma associated with domestic violence charges are life-altering and will undoubtedly take a negative toll on various aspects of your life.

Domestic Violence: The Most Fabricated Crime

domestic violence defense

Domestic violence is one of the most fabricated criminal accusations. Attorneys hear endless stories about domestic partners calling law enforcement in the heat of passion to report domestic violence. But what is missing from these accusations is the real threat and fear of injury. In other instances, individuals may falsely accuse their partners to get leverage in divorce proceedings, child custody battles, and paternity cases.

Therefore, if you have been arrested for domestic violence, it is imperative that you hire a competent domestic violence defense attorney who can aggressively put together a defense to have the charges against you dismissed.

The Benefits of Skilled Legal Representation

A lawyer who is specifically trained in handling domestic violence cases can help you deal with all the challenges facing an arrest, such as protective orders. A domestic violence defense attorney can also immediately get to work in defending your legal rights in criminal court proceedings, building a compelling case that will help you avoid conviction for the domestic violence charges you are facing.

In short, it is virtually impossible to protect your rights and obtain the kind of positive outcome you seek in a domestic violence case without the help of an attorney.

Why Hire Us

Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting the interests and legal rights of individuals falsely accused of domestic violence in the Washington State area. We understand the implications of a domestic violence conviction. We will aggressively fight to protect your rights and challenge the charges against you.

For more information about the domestic violence charges against you or to schedule a complimentary consultation with domestic violence defense attorney South King County criminal attorney , please call (253) 709-5050.

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