The Importance of Being Released From Custody

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, it’s important for you to be released from custody. Your release is also important to your South King County criminal defense lawyer for strategic reasons.

Logistically, being in a jail cell throws up hurdles against your lawyer’s ability to represent you. Traveling to and from the jail may take a lot of time that your South King County criminal defense lawyer does not have. Your lawyer may also be forced to wait until you are delivered to the jail’s interview room before they can even speak to you.

Even harder to deal with is the lack of privacy in jails. There is little room for quiet conversations. Conference tables are often set up to be side-by-side. And it may be more difficult to review vital pieces of evidence with your attorney. Some evidence may include photographs, video, and audio that are clunky to look over when you’re unable to maneuver around the room freely. You also may not be able to access all the necessary technology to go over the files your attorney has.

Being in jail also hurts your chances of reaching a plea agreement with the prosecution. This is especially true if the sentence you would be offered is nearly the same as the time you already served.

This is why your South King County criminal defense lawyer will endeavor to get you released from custody. This way, you can better help your lawyer prepare for trial, ultimately giving you a better shot of winning your case.

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