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South King County DUI Lawyer | Helpful Information in Preparing Defense

What information will be helpful to my King County DUI lawyer in preparing my defense?

South King County DUI Lawyer

In order to successfully defend you against a DUI charge, your South King County DUI lawyer will need to obtain all the evidence relevant to your case – helpful and harmful. In most cases, your South King County DUI lawyer will start by gathering the evidence related to your level of intoxication — field sobriety tests and breath, blood or urine testing. Many other pieces of information may be relevant to your defense, depending on the facts of your case. For example, your attorney may want to see accident reports prepared by an accident reconstructionist, especially if your DUI charges resulted from a major accident. These reports may reveal that road conditions, instead of your driving or alleged intoxication, caused the accident.
In addition, your South King County DUI lawyer might try to obtain police reports from other cases handled by the arresting officer in your case. If the arresting officer has written similar reports repeatedly, this fact might be used to discredit the observations included in the police report in your case. Likewise, if there are common questions asked and answered in the prior police reports, but those questions are missing from your report, your lawyer might be able to use this fact as evidence of the officer’s carelessness or to highlight a fact relevant to your defense.
Your prior criminal history, if any, also may be relevant to the case if the prosecutor plans to use your record against you. Be honest with your attorney about any criminal history you have, so that your attorney can obtain these records and avoid an unpleasant surprise by the prosecutor. Your attorney may also need to know about the prior criminal records of anyone who plans to testify on your behalf, as the prosecutor may use those records to create an unfavorable impression of your witnesses.
Lastly, your South King County DUI lawyer will need to review your driving record. This is particularly true if you have previous DUI offenses on your record, as this will affect the legal strategy in your case and your bargaining position if you are negotiating a plea.
To learn more about the types of information and evidence that will be helpful to your defense, contact South King County DUI lawyer, South King County criminal attorney .

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