Jurors to Avoid in Pierce County DUI Cases (Part 1)

This post is the first in a two-part series that discusses biases that you definitely don’t want your Pierce County DUI jurors to have. It’s true that every DUI case is one of a kind, and each potential juror is different. However, generally speaking, your Pierce County DUI attorney will want to dismiss people with intense anti-alcohol opinions from your jury on the ground that they cannot be impartial.

Passionate anti-alcohol views are common. No matter what the source of these views — religious upbringing, traumatic life experience, or something else – your DUI case may be doomed if people with these beliefs are on the jury. An experienced Pierce County DUI attorney will try to have people with deeply rooted anti-alcohol opinions excused from the jury. The following types of questions will help establish that a juror has a strong and unyielding bias against DUI defendants and could not be a fair juror:

Q: Mr. Juror, you stated that you do not tolerate drinking and driving under any circumstances, correct?
Q: It does not matter to you what anyone else believes about this?
Q: In your opinion, if someone drinks and drives, he is automatically guilty?
Q: If I were to try to challenge you regarding this issue, you would be offended, maybe even outraged?
Q: You believe that no one can convince you to accept something that you feel is immoral?
Q: No one can persuade you that drinking and driving is acceptable under any circumstances?
Q: And you would find any attempt to do so as badgering?

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