Jurors to Avoid in Pierce County DUI Cases (Part 2)

Pierce County DUI Defense Lawyer

This post is the second in a two-part series that discusses biased jurors that you definitely don’t want on your DUI jury. While every DUI case depends on its facts, and every potential juror is unique, your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer will seek to have the following types of people excused from your jury on the ground that they cannot be impartial:

Previously have entered a plea to DUI charges. Anyone who was previously charged with DUI, but who resolved the charge without a trial (i.e., with a plea bargain), is likely bad for your case. These people may:
• Believe all DUI defendants are guilty, because they themselves were probably guilty;
• Begrudge you for going to trial when they pleaded to the charge; or
• Think that you are only going to trial because your case is actually more serious than it really is.
Only if the prospective juror explains that he or she wanted to go to trial but wasn’t able to, or in some way felt treated unjustly, should your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer keep the juror on your case.

Law enforcement. People with a background in law enforcement and related professions (e.g., paramedics, firefighters, EMTs, etc.) tend to favor the prosecution. They are inclined to believe the police, even when faced with obvious contradictions in an officer’s testimony.

Truckers and other professional drivers. People who spend a lot of time driving, such as truckers and taxi drivers, tend to be biased against DUI defendants. As your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer will advise you, these potential jurors want all bad drivers off the road and assume that someone arrested for DUI is guilty.

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