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King County Defense Lawyer | Gather Information by Formal Discovery

Your King County DUI lawyer will gather information by means of formal “discovery”

King County Defense Lawyer

To prepare for negotiations or court proceedings in a DUI case, your King County defense lawyer will need to obtain relevant information and evidence. This can be done by means of an independent investigation and/or by conducting formal “discovery.” In any event, your attorney will need to proceed cautiously, as information received by the defense may also become available to the prosecution.
Formal discovery methods are official requests made according to court procedures and evidence laws. The prosecutor on the case must receive copies of the discovery requests submitted by your attorney — therefore, a case involving large amounts of discovery might attract increased attention from the prosecutor.
In DUI cases relying on breath tests, your King County defense lawyer may try to obtain several types of information through discovery requests. For example, your lawyer may want to know more about the training received by the officer who performed your breath test. If the officer did not have adequate training on the machine, your lawyer may be able to discredit the results of the test. Your lawyer might also submit discovery requests for information related to the laboratory which completed the testing. Discovery requests may ask for the laboratory’s current license, the methods used by the laboratory and approved by the state for breath tests, or data regarding the total number of tests completed by the laboratory in the period immediately before and after your test. In addition, your lawyer may ask to see the calibration and maintenance records of the machines used by the law enforcement agency. Sloppy or missing records might create doubt regarding the breath test results presented by the prosecution in your case.
Gathering the evidence necessary to defend against DUI charges requires perseverance and attention to detail. If you would like the assistance of an experienced King County defense lawyer, please contact me.

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