Opening Statement Strategies

Although opening statements are not part of evidence in the courtroom, a refined King County DUI lawyer understands the importance of utilizing a trial’s opening statement to establish credibility among the jury.  You may be wondering: how will a DUI attorney accomplish this?

The Weight of Opening Statements

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  • Before the trial commencement, jurors will most likely be told that opening statements are not evidence.
  • Nevertheless, most of the time the jury will internalize a DUI attorney’s opening statement as a promise regarding evidence that will be presented later in the trial.
  • Therefore, most DUI defense lawyers will avoid making false promises to the jury, since competent jurors will note the defense’s inconsistencies.

The Ideal Opening Statement

  • The defense’s statements should be guileless, concise, and confident.
  • The ideal opening statement should present either a negation or an alternative to the prosecution’s case in order to create reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime.
  • Ideally, a King County DUI lawyer should highlight the evidence that will follow and present it to the jury in a way that throws doubt upon the prosecution.

Gratifying Defense Declarations

  • Because it is so essential to follow up on opening statement promises throughout the trial, many talented DUI lawyers compile notes or transcripts detailing what was said in opening statements.
  • If the defense does not fulfill its commitments, the jury will often disregard the defense’s arguments.
  • On the other hand, jurors are more likely to credit the defense’s case if the defense attorney presents the evidence that he or she promised the jury.

To the average layman, trial opening statements may seem like a foreign language.  Luckily, one King County DUI lawyer is well-versed in this language.  Don’t postpone your trial preparation; call the law office of South King County criminal attorney now at (253) 709-5050.

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