How Plea Bargain can Affect the Basis of Jurisdiction in King County

Is a Plea Bargain Right for You?

When a defendant agrees to a plea bargain, he/she is accepting a plea of guilty, and this can have significant and permanent ramifications. If the prosecutor offers you a plea bargain, your King County criminal defense lawyer and you will need to weigh a number of factors before you make a decision whether or not to accept it.

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Full Court Dockets

Some jurisdictions are inundated with cases and simply cannot try them all. If your case is assigned to such a court you may find that the prosecution offers a seemingly generous plea. This may be your best option if your case has little or no defense. You need to be very careful, though. Pleading guilty can mean mandatory jail or prison time. Moreover, you will have “rap sheet” which will make obtaining work or housing in the future difficult.

Plea bargains are not always offered because the prosecution has overwhelming evidence against a defendant; to the contrary, your King County criminal defense lawyer may be confident that your case can be won.


Pressure to Accept Probation

Sometimes defendants feel pressured to accept a plea bargain early in a case when they cannot make bail, and fear losing their jobs if they do not accept. Again, you need to proceed with caution. If, for instance, you have two separate domestic violence charges, a wily prosecutor may offer to drop the less serious one if you plead to the other in exchange for probation. For reasons already mentioned this can mean serious consequences for your future. Moreover, probation can be a very difficult and intrusive experience. Violating probation, indeed, can lead to a longer period of incarceration than otherwise.


Call for Legal Help

If you are charged with domestic violence, it is essential that you hire a King County criminal defense lawyer. Call South King County criminal attorney for a consultation at (253) 709-5050.

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