When the Police Coerce Information

If you are arrested on a criminal charge, you will likely be very anxious, even fearful. Interrogating officers sometimes take undue advantage of this through various methods that constitute coercion.

A red flag should be raised for your South King County criminal lawyer if your interrogation takes much longer than is typical, or if officers are likely to hold a personal grudge against you, as in assault on officer, child homicide, or rape cases. If the police made inappropriate promises or threats to you, or if you suffered emotionally from the interrogation, your lawyer should also be concerned that information was taken from you by coercion.

If your South King County criminal lawyer determines that such a claim of involuntariness is appropriate, extensive preparation will be necessary. Your lawyer will need to gather as much documentation as possible. All the officers who interrogated you should be subpoenaed. If you were physically harmed, a medical examination with photographs needs to be completed as soon as possible. Perhaps you have a disability. In such a case your medical and psychiatric records need to be obtained.

When your suppression hearing is held, your lawyer needs to question officers thoroughly. You may have made exculpatory statements that are in the report which the subpoenaed officer essentially tries to minimize. For this reason, it will be important to use the record to determine exactly what you said, and the manner in which your answered questions. Your lawyer should also bring to light how many officers interrogated you, and how long the questioning lasted.

The best scenario would be for damaging information involuntarily taken in your interrogation to be suppressed. Regardless, your lawyer will have gathered information that can be argued in your favor before a jury later.


If officers coerce information from you during interrogation, let your lawyer know immediately. If you do not yet have legal counsel, call South King County criminal lawyer South King County criminal attorney for an evaluation of your case.


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