Preliminary Hearing Goals

Even though the defense’s presentation might fail to convince a judge to dismiss the case, he or she may be convinced to reduce bail if the case’s weaknesses are sufficiently demonstrated.

In order to show the weaknesses of your case, your South King County criminal lawyer will try to show that the victim’s testimony is, at best, questionable and that your involvement with the alleged crime was minimal. Your attorney will also want to show that the victim’s injuries were not as severe as he or she made them sound during testimony. As the proceedings progress, these same points may justify a more lenient plea and sentence.

Prosecutors typically have a small window of time to get their witnesses prepared before the hearing, which, in turn, gives the defense its best opportunity to hear the witnesses’ unprepared story, word for word and under oath. And even if the judge limits cross-examination, or if the hearing unveils no new facts, hearing the witness live and recording that testimony is priceless to your attorney.

Based on the witness’ testimony at the preliminary hearing, your criminal defense lawyer can start to examine whether or not he or she needs to attack the witness’ credibility at trial; claim that the witness is actually mistaken, although he or she is honest; or avoid going to trial altogether.

Something else to take into consideration at the preliminary hearing is a witness’ background. Even the most educated witnesses who have clean records may actually be quite inarticulate, nervous, or abrupt. If you need a South King County criminal lawyer, please call South King County criminal attorney for a free consultation.

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