Preliminary hearing objectives

Attainable goals when a case supports them

A well prepared South King County criminal defense attorney can help a client by arguing that there’s insufficient evidence to prove that the client committed the alleged crime and that it would be a waste of the court’s time to set the case for trial. Should the court accept this argument and rule that the charges must be dropped, the accused will be released from custody, no longer subject to any kind of detention. Unfortunately, this rarely happens.

Why the prosecution usually prevails at these hearings

Since the rules of evidence aren’t strictly enforced during this hearing and because the prosecution doesn’t need to present “airtight” evidence, defense lawyers rarely prevail at these hearings. Furthermore, magistrates often feel compelled to rule in favor of the prosecution whenever the charges are serious and the presented evidence is fairly strong.

Best defense practices at these hearings

Obviously, a South King County criminal defense attorney’s main goal is to have the charges dismissed and the client released. However, it can be just as critical to make decisions that will simply serve the client well in the long run. These can include only sharing required evidence and keeping the client from taking the stand. Both of these moves can prevent the prosecution from learning about helpful defense theories and then easily refuting them at trial.  If you need a South King County criminal defense attorney, call South King County criminal attorney for a free evaluation of your case.

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