Prepare Yourself or Take Help of Pierce County lawyer While DUI

Post-DUI instructions from a Pierce County DUI lawyer

You’ve just been released from jail, and you’re relieved, but you also know you’ve got a fight ahead of you if you’re going to beat this charge. If you speak to an experienced Pierce County DUI lawyer, he or she likely will advise you to prepare for this fight in the following ways:   South King County DUI Lawyer


  • Diary: Before you forget any of the details of your arrest, write them down. No detail is too small. Note information from before, during, and after the arrest. Document what you ate and drank – in what order, how much, and at what time. Note who was with you and where you were before and up to the time of your arrest. If you took any medication that day, what did you take? When did you take it? Write down these types of details and anything else you can remember.
  • Play-by-Play: Now remember your actual arrest. Were there witnesses? If so, ask them what they remember and gather their contact information. Record the entire conversation between you and the officer—what you said, what he said, your reactions to his questions, how you performed on field sobriety tests, etc.

  • Auto Return: Get your car back. (If your license has been suspended, take someone with you to drive!). Have a third party take pictures of any evidence in the car.

  • Take Action: If your license has been suspended,contact the Department of Motor Vehicles immediately or risk losing your right to appeal the suspension. Your Pierce County DUI lawyer may be able to do this for you.

  • Model Behavior: While your case is pending, be a stellar citizen. Don’t put fuel on the fire.

  • Talk to an experienced Pierce County DUI lawyer. Your odds of beating a DUI charge are better with the help of an experienced Pierce County DUI lawyer. If you would like to meet with me for a free consultation, please submit the form on this page, or call or email my office.


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