Preparing to Meet with Your King County DUI Attorney: Part 2

South King County DUI Defense Lawyer

Preparing to Meet with Your King County DUI Attorney: Part 2

In a previous post, I discussed how to prepare for you initial meeting with a South King County DUI defense lawyer. That post focused on the events leading up to the traffic stop and the stop itself. In addition, you should be prepared to discuss the following issues related to your arrest and breathalyzer test, if you took one.

Think about your arrest.
– Did the officer search your car? If so, did the officer find anything of interest?
– When did the officer tell you that you were under arrest?
– Did the officer read your Miranda rights? Did you remain silent or did you continue to talk after you heard your Miranda rights?
– Did the officer handcuff you?
– After your arrest, were you able to get out on bond or bail?

Think about what happened during your breath test.
– Did the officer perform the test using more than one machine?
– How many breath samples did you need to provide?
– Did you have any problems providing a sample or completing the breath test?
– Did you burp or have any regurgitation during the test?
– Did the officer interfere with your breath test at any time by interrupting your breath test or asking you to hold your breath before blowing into the machine?

Prepare to discuss your health at the time of the arrest, especially as it might pertain to the results of sobriety or breathalyzer test.
– Do you have any physical disabilities or mental health issues?
– Do you have any ongoing medical conditions such as diabetes, blood disease, or liver disease? What about frequent heartburn, acid reflux, chronic bronchitis, or a breathing condition?
– Have you ever had a head injury? Have you ever had any problems with balancing or have you ever suffered from an inner-ear condition?
– What was your health like in the days right before the arrest? Were you on any medications or diets? How had you been sleeping?

These questions may help you to remember some of the important facts and issues in your case. The more details you can provide at the outset, the better equipped your South King County DUI defense lawyer will be to take swift action in your defense.

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