Release Conditions: Searches and Psychiatric Evaluations

In some jurisdictions, a condition of your release may include a requirement that you consent to random body searches and searches of your house with or without a warrant. However, a skilled South King criminal lawyer will have a full appreciation of the fact that search conditions such as those create more of a risk for their clients than do drug tests.

For example, searches of your home may reveal other unrelated contraband or may uncover evidence that suggests your connection with other illegal activity. For that reason, it is important that your attorney attempt to keep the court from basing the conditions of your release on you giving the authorities permission to conduct a search.

Additionally, a court may also require you to undertake a psychiatric evaluation to make certain that you will not present a danger to the community. Such a condition, however, is generally limited to those people who have been charged with specific types of crimes, such as homicides, sex offenses, kidnapping, and arson.

If you have been charged with such crimes, the decision to release you may be delayed until you have completed the required psychiatric evaluation. And unfortunately in these situations, there is usually nothing that your lawyer can do for you, except to forewarn you of the delay. Moreover, release conditions may incorporate requirements of psychiatric treatments, drug treatments or alcohol dependency treatments. If you need the services of a South King County criminal lawyer, please call South King County criminal attorney for a free consultation.

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