Removing a Domestic Violence No Contact Order

When either a Pre-Trial or Post Conviction No Contact Order has been issued, it is extremely difficult to have it lifted. However, your King County domestic violence attorney may be able to use aggressive defense strategies in convincing the judge that the No Contact Order is not necessary given the specific facts surrounding your case.

Reason for Not Removing a No Contact OrderKing County domestic violence attorney

The main reason why judges are so hesitant in removing No Contact Orders, even when the accused and his King County domestic violence attorney successfully demonstrate the Order is not necessary, is the fear that they would be blamed in the event that something goes wrong.

But nevertheless, it is not altogether impossible to remove a No Contact Order if the right strategy is utilized in convincing the judge.

Strategies in Removing a No Contact Order

One strategy in removing a No Contact Order is for you to get evaluated by a Western Washington Domestic Violence Treatment Agency. In some cases, if the domestic violence counselor convinces the judge that you are not a danger to the victim, the judge may be more willing to lift the No Contact Order.

Another strategy is for your King County domestic violence attorney to request the judge to modify the No Contact Order to allow marriage counseling. After the judge modifies the Order to permit such conditional contact, he or she be more inclined to lift the Order altogether.

Let Us Help

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