The Role of Your South King County Criminal Attorney at Your Bail Hearing

Your South King County criminal attorney will try to get bail for as low as possible. The amount of your bail, as well as whether you can be bailed out at all, depends upon factors in your case.

It is unusual for a criminal law attorney to present witnesses at a bail hearing. Your attorney may instead provide documents to support a low bail, and present an argument on your behalf. Among the issues that your attorney will cover are your work history, the level of responsibility you hold at your employer, and how long you have been employed there. The court may be swayed if you appear to be a stable and dependable worker.

Your family’s need for your income will also be argued. They may need not only the money you provide, but also the health benefits. If you are incarcerated for any length of time, you may lose your job, which would place your family’s welfare in jeopardy. They may even become homeless, your attorney may argue.

Your South King County criminal attorney may also delve into your family relationships. If a relative is willing to put up the bail for your release, it can be argued this suggests they trust you; after all, they are placing their financial well-being on the line.

Whether you can get bail depends, of course, on the seriousness of the offense with which you are charged. If it is very serious, your criminal defense attorney may need to focus on mitigating circumstances. It may be argued, for instance, that the evidence against you is inadmissible. If the person making the allegations against you has a history of doing so falsely, this can be used to argue in your favor.

From the outset, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney in South King County. It you have not yet hired one, call the offices of South King County criminal attorney for a free evaluation.

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