Strategies for Interacting with the Prosecution

King County Criminal Lawyer

As an experienced King County criminal lawyer, I know how important it is to keep my eye on the prosecutor.
The outcome of your DUI charges may depend, in part, on the prosecutor assigned to handle your case. In particular, I may find more room for negotiation if the state’s attorney is a new prosecutor who wants to protect his reputation or win-loss record.
Often, however, the prosecutor handling your case will change from one day to the next. At a large governmental agency such as a prosecutor’s office, state’s attorneys might handle the calendar of DUI cases depending on their availability each day. In this instance, I observe the prosecutor to see if he is taking notes at your pretrial hearing. If the prosecutor writes extensively about your case while sitting in open court, I infer that the prosecutor has noticed something — whether good or bad — interesting, unique, or time-consuming about your case. The prosecutor is taking notes to help the next prosecutor who handles the file. I can gauge the significance of the notes by the conduct of the next prosecutor at the next pretrial hearing, The prosecutor’s tone of voice or use of conciliatory language might indicate a weakness in the prosecution’s case against you. However, if the prosecutor projects a hard line and does not seem willing to concede anything to the defense, I may need to adjust my legal strategy accordingly.
The ability to “read” a prosecutor is an important trait in a King County criminal lawyer. As a former prosecutor myself, my “reading” skills are strong. If you would like to speak with me about your King County DUI case, please call or email me, or use the Free Case Evaluation form on this page to tell me about your situation.

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