If You Are the Subject of a Grand Jury Investigation

South King County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Learning you are the subject of a grand jury investigation can be a scary experience. While many clients of South King County have heard of grand juries, most do not what they are or what their purpose is.

A grand jury is a type of jury empowered by the government to decide whether a criminal indictment is warranted. Those individuals who are exposed to the possibility of indictment are called “subjects.” If you are a subject of a grand jury investigation, you will likely be subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury.

There are four main strategies you and your South King County criminal defense lawyer may use if you are the subject of a grand jury investigation:

1)      Remain silent. Often, testifying and/or offering evidence before a grand jury can do more harm to your case than good. If your South King County criminal defense lawyer senses that the prosecution does not have enough evidence to obtain an indictment, staying silent may be your best option.

2)      Argue that the prosecution has not satisfied the legal standard. If your lawyer finds a legal insufficiency in the prosecution’s case against you, he or she may argue that you should not be indicted on the grounds that the legal insufficiency cannot be corrected.

3)      Present exculpatory evidence. If your attorney is aware of evidence that tends to exonerate you, you may want to reveal it to the prosecutor. However, unless the evidence is virtually unassailable, and you have good reason to believe the prosecutor will be swayed by it, your best strategy may be to withhold the evidence until it is sufficiently validated or more exculpatory evidence comes to light.

4)      Cooperate with the investigation. If you express willingness to assist the government and provide valuable evidence toward the indictment of the persons truly responsible for a crime, you significantly reduce the likelihood you will be indicted. Sometimes, prosecutors offer witnesses limited immunity in exchange for their testimony. However, as the name implies, limited immunity only offers you limited protection from indictment. As such, before you enter an agreement to testify in exchange for immunity, you should consult your South King County criminal defense lawyer and ensure that you will not expose yourself to an unreasonable risk of being indicted yourself.

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