When You May Want to Testify Before a Grand Jury

Most South King County criminal defense attorneys believe it is not wise for an accused person to testify before a grand jury. However, there are circumstances when that may be in your best interests, depending on your lawyer’s advice.

  • Certain crimes may require further explanation. If you’re accused of a street crime, like possession of a controlled substance, it may help you to truthfully testify that you have no prior convictions involving drugs and that the amount of drugs found gives clear proof that you had just bought them for your own use and not to later sell them to others.
  • You have exculpatory evidence proving your innocence. If you and your attorney know that you have evidence, like employer work records, showing that you were at work at the time a crime was committed, you should testify.
  • When you are the only one who can fully explain why you did something. If you were caught speeding very fast near a hospital, you may need to testify and explain that your pregnant wife was with you and that she was about to give birth at any minute. Likewise, if you were caught breaking the lock off a bike at the mall, you might need to testify that your son had asked you to go get the bike since he had lost the key to the lock.

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