Time-Sensitive Evidence in Your King County DUI Case

South King County DUI Defense Attorney

If you hire a South King County DUI defense attorney to handle your DUI charges, your attorney will need to gather information and organize the evidence in your case. Some evidence may be time-sensitive and require immediate action. Don’t delay.
If you were recently arrested or are still in police custody, your South King County DUI defense attorney will need to secure the scene and preserve any evidence still there. For example, you may need your lawyer to set aside the shoes you were wearing when you were stopped by the police. Although shoes might seem like a strange piece of evidence, they might be relevant to your case if they affected your ability to balance or walk in a straight line. (Six-inch heels, for example, might do that.)
Early in the case, your South King County DUI defense attorney likely will ask you to return to the location where you performed any field sobriety tests. Your attorney may send an investigator with you, to take photographs. It is good practice to document the scene promptly, so that your attorney can present the photographs as a realistic depiction of the location where you performed the field tests. This evidence can be extremely helpful to your defense. For example, the police report might state that the officer conducted the field tests in a well-lit area, on a flat, smooth surface. Evidence you obtain at the scene may help your lawyer discredit the officer’s report by proving that the location was dark, uneven, marked with potholes, or sloped for water runoff.
Spoken evidence also may need to be preserved. If you called someone from jail after your DUI arrest, you might have left a voicemail. If you spoke clearly and did not slur your speech, your attorney may be able to use this recording as evidence that you were not intoxicated.
An experienced South King County DUI defense attorney will act quickly to preserve the time-sensitive evidence in your case. If you are not currently working with a South King County DUI defense attorney, please contact me by phone or email, or by submitting the Free Case Evaluation form on this page. I will respond promptly.

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