Treading Lightly During Voir Dire

Voir dire, the practice where attorneys question potential jurors before trial, is an important and delicate process.  An expert King County DUI attorney will tread lightly during voir dire, as jurors may be offended and unforthcoming if they feel harassed.

Why is Voir Dire Important?


  • This is the point before trial where lawyers can uncover juror biases that may affect the trial.
  • Lawyers can use information obtained during voir dire to accept or reject jury members.

Impression to the Jury

King County DUI attorney

  • DUI attorneys will attempt to inform jurors about the importance of voir dire and their essential role in the trial in order to ease into an open discussion.
  • Because jurors can feel that the attorney’s questions are intrusive and irrelevant, skilled inquirers will avoid interrogating or insulting possible jurors.
  • Instead, a King County DUI attorney may explain that all jurors must be comfortable serving throughout the trial and must therefore explain certain opinions to the court before acceptance onto the jury.

Questioning Potential Jurors

  • Skilled DUI defense lawyers will pose open-ended and concise queries so that possible jurors can understand and respond at length to questioning.
  • DUI attorneys may utilize other tactics throughout voir dire, such as requesting jurors to comment on statements or opinions made by fellow jurors (instead of directly questioning and cross-examining jury members themselves) or allowing jurors to discuss opinions as a group.
  • Oftentimes, the responses provided through open discussion are more truthful and forthcoming than those arising from direct interrogation.

Choosing appropriate jurors can have a significant impact upon subsequent trials, particularly regarding DUI cases.  Place your trust in an expert King County DUI attorney and call the law office of South King County criminal attorney immediately at (253) 709-5050.

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