Washington Domestic Violence: Pretrial Conditions

The Washington State criminal system imposes certain conditions on an individual who has been charged with domestic violence while waiting for trial. Although these are not “penalties” per se, the conditions imposed by the court may seem just as punitive. Your King County domestic violence attorney will make sure that these pretrial conditions are not overly punitive and do not violate your legal rights.

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Domestic Violence Pretrial Conditions

In almost every domestic violence case in Washington, the presiding judge will set certain conditions that must be followed pending trial. Some pretrial conditions will require the accused:

  • To appear at all set court dates
  • Not commit any additional criminal law violations
  • Not to be in any contact with the alleged victim of the domestic violence accusation
  • Not to possess or consume alcohol or recreational drugs
  • Not to posses or carry any firearms

Violations of These Conditions

Violations of these pretrial conditions may result in even more severe consequences, such as revocation of bail or a criminal law violation in and of itself. Your King County domestic violence attorney will help you devise a plan to make sure you meet these conditions and avoid additional implications.

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