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Search of Property

Your criminal attorney in King County wants you to know about important legal concepts that affect your case. Search and seizure occurs when the police suspect a crime, conduct a search, and take property as evidence. The definition of a … Continue reading

Pitfalls of Bail Testimony

Your King County criminal defense lawyer is going to tell you not to testify at your bail hearing. It may sound strange that you will just listen at this important proceeding, but your legal pro knows best. Here’s why: Anything … Continue reading

What to Expect at a Bail Hearing

Because bail hearings occur relatively early in the criminal justice process, they are usually based upon the defendant’s character and criminal history. A practiced King County domestic violence attorney will do research on these topics in order to adequately represent … Continue reading

Taking Advantage of Bail

If you are arrested for a crime, the good news is that you can take advantage of bail and await your trial in the comfort of your own home (in most cases). A compassionate King County domestic violence lawyer will … Continue reading