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Attacking the Validity of Search Warrants

A search warrant permits law enforcement to search a specified area that they suspect contains evidence of illegal activity, and to seize any contraband items found. However, even if a judge issues a warrant, it is not necessarily valid. An … Continue reading

Invoking Your Fifth Amendment Right to Counsel

In the case of Miranda v. Arizona,the United States Supreme Court held that an individual has a right to request an attorney during police questioning. This right is based on the Fifth Amendment, which protects one’s right against self-incrimination. If … Continue reading

Exceptions to a Search Warrant: Consent

If you voluntarily consent to a search of your property, you are waiving your Fourth Amendment constitutional right to the search and seizure of your property. In other words, when a defendant consents to a search, the police do not … Continue reading

Important Facts Covered During the Initial Interview with Your Lawyer

You will discuss several important topics regarding your DUI arrest during the initial interview with your Pierce County DUI attorney. The more information you provide regarding these topics, the more prepared your lawyer will be to make a strong defense … Continue reading

Checklist of Important Facts to Discuss With Your DUI Lawyer

In order for a DUI lawyer in Auburn to prepare a solid defense in your case, it is imperative that you provide key pieces of information about the facts surrounding your arrest, your physical condition at the time of the … Continue reading

Checklist of Important DUI Facts: Driving, Stop, Field Sobriety Tests

If you are facing DUI charges, it is crucial for you to hire an Auburn driving under the influence attorney to prepare a strong defense on your behalf. Whether an attorney will accept your case depends on the specific facts … Continue reading

Search of Computer Files in a Criminal Case: Preserving Your Legal Rights

In investigating a criminal case, the police may obtain a warrant to search the suspect’s computer files. However, as the owner of the computer, you have certain legal rights that the police need to respect. Your Pierce County criminal defense … Continue reading