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About the Nystagmus Test

Three standardized field sobriety tests are commonly used in drunk driving cases, and a DUI defense attorney in Pierce County can advise you about them. The battery includes the walk and turn, the one-leg stand, and the horizontal gaze nystagmus … Continue reading

Was the Stop Legal?

If you were stopped at a DUI checkpoint and arrested as a result, a DUI attorney in Pierce County knows how to develop a strong defense to challenge the charges against you. Typically, defense experts use a multi-pronged attack to … Continue reading

What Your Lawyer Needs to Know

An experienced DUI lawyer in King County knows that in order to prepare a successful defense, certain key pieces of information need to be obtained. For instance, examine the type of facts needed in a breath case. Breath Cases: Facts … Continue reading

Three Approaches to Identification

A criminal defense attorney in King County is well-versed in police identification methods. Three common approaches that the police use in pre-trial identification by witnesses include the show-up, the line-up, and the photo array. All three are covered by the … Continue reading

Know the Fifth Amendment

One of our fundamental rights is protected by the Fifth Amendment, and a King County defense lawyer wants you to understand more about “pleading the fifth.” The Constitution ensures that no one is compelled to be a witness against himself … Continue reading

What a Defendant’s Silence Means

A King County criminal attorney knows that prosecutors may try to use a defendant’s silence against the accused person. If someone were innocent, would he or she have been expected to say something? If the person remained silent instead, is … Continue reading

Evaluating Coerced Confessions

You are probably familiar with Miranda rights, including the right to remain silent. A King County criminal defense attorney wants you to understand more about the law that protects individuals from forced confessions. Holding an involuntary coerced confession against a … Continue reading

DUI: Topics to Understand

Do you know the implications of a DUI charge? Your DUI defense attorney in King County certainly does, and wants you to understand the following legal factors, as well as possible outcomes: Applicable fines and penalties for the offenses charged. … Continue reading