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Cross-Examination Questions at Trial

King County criminal defense attorneys represent their clients’ best interests. In drug sale cases, this responsibility may cause King County criminal defense lawyers to cross-examine the defendant’s arresting officer about a variety of topics. Environment and Visibility One subject that King … Continue reading

Ramifications of Non-Suggestive Procedures

A King County criminal defense lawyer will do everything in her power to defend her client, which sometimes means requesting non-suggestive procedures on the client’s behalf. Depending on the situation, these non-suggestive procedures may weaken or even terminate the prosecution’s case. What … Continue reading

South King County DUI Defense Lawyers Discuss Your Potential as a Witness

South King County DUI defense lawyers must frequently represent defendants in difficult situations; such defendants may want to aid in their own defense but have no recollection of the incident. In these complex situations, South King County DUI defense attorneys … Continue reading

A South King County DUI Defense Attorney Reviews Field Sobriety Tests

There are varying types of field sobriety tests that can establish cause for a DUI arrest. Law enforcement officers do not always administer these tests accurately, however, so a South King County DUI defense attorney may examine the results of … Continue reading

Probing the Defendant’s Pretext Stop

Law enforcement agents commonly cite simple traffic violations as the basis for detaining motorists suspected of driving under the influence. If police officers arrest the motorist for DUI during a traffic stop, a South King County DUI attorney may be … Continue reading

Securing the Location of a Defendant’s Field Sobriety Tests

Since a King County DUI defense lawyer will most likely not be on the scene when a defendant is arrested for DUI, she must take action after receiving the news. Your attorney’s initial action may be to secure the scene … Continue reading

Gathering Blood and Urine Evidence During Discovery

A King County DUI lawyer is privy to information about a defendant’s blood and urine samples taken by law enforcement officials. This information may help uncover faults in the prosecution’s case, and will prepare you and your attorney for trial. … Continue reading

Benefits of Hiring the Same South King County Criminal Defense Attorneys

South King County criminal defense attorneys are allowed to represent numerous witnesses involved in the same case. There are benefits to this approach, as well as rules that govern defense lawyers’ actions. Can South King County Criminal Defense Lawyers Represent … Continue reading

Cross-Examining a Rape Witness

There are two sides to every story, and rape cases are no exception. In order to uncover the truth and form a defense case, a South King County criminal defense lawyer may cross-examine the plaintiff at a preliminary hearing. What … Continue reading