Checklist of Important DUI Facts: Driving, Stop, Field Sobriety Tests

If you are facing DUI charges, it is crucial for you to hire an Auburn driving under the influence attorney to prepare a strong defense on your behalf. Whether an attorney will accept your case depends on the specific facts of your case. The checklist below will help you prepare to give the attorney all the necessary facts she will need at the initial interview.Auburn driving under the influence attorney

Driving Prior to DUI Stop


–          Did the officer give you a reason for the stop? What do you think the reason for the stop was?

–          Were you given a traffic citation? If yes, for what?

–          For what specific behavior did the officer pull you over? Do you have an innocent reason for it?


The DUI Stop


–          Where was the exact location you were pulled over?

–          Did you admit to having consumed alcoholic beverages?

–          How did the officer request for you to get out of your vehicle?

–          Did the officer say you were free to leave?


Field Sobriety Test


–          Were you asked to perform a field sobriety test?

–          Did the officer give you a choice, or was it mandatory?

–          What were the specific instructions you were given for the sobriety test?

–          Which test did you perform?


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