Checklist of Important Facts to Discuss With Your DUI Lawyer

In order for a DUI lawyer in Auburn to prepare a solid defense in your case, it is imperative that you provide key pieces of information about the facts surrounding your arrest, your physical condition at the time of the arrest, and the breathalyzer test you submitted.

DUI lawyer in Auburn

Below is a checklist of facts you will need to go over with your DUI lawyer in Auburn regarding these important topics.


The Arrest


–          The search of your car by law enforcement officer and the items found, if any

–          The point of time you were arrested during your stop

–          Whether the officer used handcuffs to detain you

–          Whether you were given Miranda rights, and if you waived them

–          Whether you invoked your right to a lawyer


Physical Condition and Overall Health When Arrested


–          A complete list of the food items you consumed immediately before your arrest

–          The amount of sleep you had for the two days before your arrest

–          Whether you were experiencing an inner-ear or balance problem

–          Any other medical conditions at the time of your arrest


Breathalyzer Test


–          Whether the officer saw you burp or regurgitate

–          Whether you gave the officer a breath sample

–          Whether you were instructed to hold your breath prior to performing the test

–          The number of machines the officer used to test your breath


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