Cross-Examination Questions at Trial

King County criminal defense attorneys represent their clients’ best interests. In drug sale cases, this responsibility may cause King County criminal defense lawyers to cross-examine the defendant’s arresting officer about a variety of topics.

Environment and Visibility

King County criminal defense attorneysOne subject that King County criminal defense attorneys may ask about is the environment surrounding the defendant’s drug sale arrest.

For instance, here are a few questions that King County criminal defense attorneys may direct toward the arresting officer:

  • Was your surveillance vehicle parked on the same side of the street where my client was located?
  • Did you have a clear line of sight or were there obstacles between you and my client?
  • Did you or your colleagues utilize any vision enhancement tools?

The Alleged Drug Sale

King County criminal defense lawyers could also cross-examine a police officer about his or her basis for arresting the defendant.

  • You said that you observed the defendant hand an object to an individual. Could you clearly observe this object? Please explain in detail.
  • Did you recognize the object? Please be as detailed as possible.

The Supposed Drug Buyer

Finally, King County criminal defense attorneys may transition into interrogating the officer about the individual who received the supposed package.

  • Were you familiar with this man? Please elaborate.
  • Since you said he intercepted a package from the defendant, did you search him?
  • Did you find drugs in his possession?

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These pointed cross-examination questions may help a defendant’s case. If you have been arrested for selling drugs, call South King County criminal attorney at (253) 709-5050 to discuss your case with experienced King County criminal defense attorneys.

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