Dealing With Your Test Results at Trial

When facing a driving under the influence charge, the results of your blood tests may be the one of the biggest challenges you encounter. A high blood alcohol level or other incriminating test result may be the biggest piece of evidence against you in your DUI trial. Let your Pierce County DUI defense attorney explain some strategies for dealing with this evidence. Your attorney can educate the jury about the testing process itself and the possible flaws associated with it. Here are some examples.

Man vs. Machine

Pierce County DUI defense attorneyAs your defense attorney knows, juries often mistakenly think your blood was physically tested by an individual scientist under a microscope. This is rarely the case and an experienced attorney can set the jury straight by cross-examining the technician responsible for running your test. Common cross-examination questions your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer may ask the technician might be:

  • You did not run the test yourself, did you, but merely operated a machine?
  • The machine also ran many other samples at the same time, right?
  • And you are not always even in the same room when the samples are run, are you?

The Evasive Witness

Your Pierce County DUI defense attorney will also be mindful of lab analyst witnesses who may try to skirt the truth by assuming that the attorney has not done his or her homework on the testing process. For example, the witness may try to downplay the number of tests run at the same time, using words like “some tests” when the real number of tests is 40 or more. Your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer can prepare to counter this tactic by holding the witness to the truth.

A Pierce County DUI defense attorney can more fully explain possible defense strategies to counter your test results.

Contact an Experienced DUI Defense Attorney Today for Legal Assistance

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