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DUI defense attorney in King County | Attorney South King County criminal attorney

DUI: Topics to Understand

Do you know the implications of a DUI charge? Your DUI defense attorney in King County certainly does, and wants you to understand the following legal factors, as well as possible outcomes:

DUI defense attorney in King County

  • Applicable fines and penalties for the offenses charged.
  • Liability: In accident cases, you may have to pay for injuries and property damage.
  • Revocation or suspension of driving privileges.
  • Available alternatives to jail time or fines, which may include education or other programs.
  • Insurance impact such as higher costs of coverage.

Avoid Perjury

Perjury, or making false statements under oath, has serious consequences and penalties. Your lawyer will talk to you about testifying honestly if you speak at trial. If your attorney knows that you intend to be untruthful, she will take certain actions that will be explained to you.

Attorney’s Fees

Another very important dimension of your case is the cost of legal representation. A DUI defense attorney in King County knows that, and will be sure to work with you towards a feasible fee arrangement, explained in writing. Costs include: your lawyer’s time and/or a retainer, costs of possible investigation, expert witnesses, and other expenses.

Legal Options and Standards

Your attorney will explain what to expect while your case works through the courts and justice system, details about options such as plea negotiation, and sentencing expectations.

During the process, a good lawyer will make sure you understand legal standards such as the elements of the offense, which are the factors that the prosecution must prove. If any element cannot be proved, it may result in dropped charges.

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