What to Expect at a Bail Hearing

Because bail hearings occur relatively early in the criminal justice process, they are usually based upon the defendant’s character and criminal history. A practiced King County domestic violence attorney will do research on these topics in order to adequately represent a defendant at a hearing.King County domestic violence attorney

What factors influence a bail decision?

  • The defendant’s current charges.
  • Criminal history (or lack thereof).
  • Any previous failures to appear in court after being required by law.
  • If the defendant is presently on probation or parole.
  • The defendant’s character and ties to the community.


How can a criminal record affect a hearing?

  • Your King County domestic violence attorney should research your criminal history.
  • If you were previously charged with a crime, she will want to know the previous charges and whether the accuser was a reliable source.
  • It also may help your attorney to know that you consistently appeared for all court proceedings during a previous criminal trial.
  • If you are currently on parole or probation, a positive review by a parole officer can bolster your character in front of the judge.


What should you expect at a bail hearing?

  • Most bail hearings are rife with misunderstandings.
  • The best way to avoid many misunderstandings is to be open with your domestic violence attorney and provide her with any information that would be helpful in your bail hearing.


Bail is a major concern, as it can mean the difference between awaiting your trial in jail or in your own home. King County domestic violence attorney South King County criminal attorney has the compassion and skill to fight on your behalf. Call her today at (253) 709-5050.

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