Gathering Blood and Urine Evidence During Discovery

A King County DUI lawyer is privy to information about a defendant’s blood and urine samples taken by law enforcement officials. This information may help uncover faults in the prosecution’s case, and will prepare you and your attorney for trial.

When Does Your King County DUI Lawyer Gain Access to This Information?

Your attorney usually gathers this material during the pre-trial period known as discovery.

What Evidence Will Your King County DUI Lawyer Normally Request to See?

King County DUI lawyer

A King County DUI lawyer may ask to see any number of reports, test results, and data logs. For example, she can request to receive:

Blood and urine samples utilized in laboratory testing

  • A King County DUI attorney may want to have the sample tested by another laboratory

Logs and notes focused on data accuracy

  • Laboratories are required to record their testing procedures
  • They must also utilize control samples to assess accuracy, and may even perform checks to ensure that no solutions contaminated the blood and/or urine test results

Sample results

  • A King County DUI lawyer will most likely request copies of all laboratory test results.

Records or certifications noting the quality of the laboratory

  • A King County DUI attorney may ask to see records certifying the quality of all materials and machines used in the lab
  • Also, he or she might request laboratory technicians’ personal certifications

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