Handling Your Confession at Trial

All may seem lost in your criminal case if you have made a confession. However, a skilled Pierce County criminal defense lawyer can strategically come up with ways to potentially counter the claimed statements you made.

Unreliable Note-Taking

Pierce County criminal defense lawyerMost confessions or statements given by criminal defendants are not recorded. Instead, the police officer takes handwritten notes of what you say. Your Pierce County criminal defense lawyer examine the facts to make sure the officer did not put words in your mouth. For example, if the report contains mistaken conclusions or language that you clearly did not use, this can undercut the reliability of your supposed confession.

Faulty Memory

Police officers are human. A trained Pierce County criminal defense attorney will scrutinize the officer’s notes against his or her written report of the crime. If discrepancies exist, a jury may not find that the officer is a reliable witness against you.


Proving police bias is tricky. A knowledgeable Pierce County criminal defense attorney will need to make sure that she does not give the officer the chance to discuss why his or her preconceptions about you are justified (i.e,. discussing other witness statements or your prior criminal record).

Contact a Pierce County Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

If you have made a confession to the police in your criminal case, a Pierce County criminal defense lawyer can explain what defense strategies are available to you. Contact South King County criminal attorney today by calling her office at (253) 709-5050 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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